At 'cultivation on water' (of greenhouse crops) is a closed cycle often the cause of a lack of oxygen for the root environment. Membrane Technology seems effective to add oxygen into the water. In this study we compare a number of different systems to the oxygen concentration levels (be able to) apply and maintain. These systems are compared on cost, energy use, fit and maintenance.

Glasshouse companies grows increasingly on substrate systems with gutters where the watercyrcle can be closed and water cycle closure comes into picture. A new trend is the development of systems in which the substrate material is completely abandoned and 'cultivated on water'. These crops have a smaller buffer effect and therefore respond quickly to changing circumstances. One of the important factors of production for this is the supply of dissolved oxygen in the water to the roots of the crops. The current experience of 'growing on water' shows that keeping a good level of oxygen concentration is one of the technical challenges to be resolved, is to 'grow on water' to introduce a large scale. Demokwekerij Westland investigates 'cultivation on water' and is interested in the developments in order to promote them (supply of oxygen). TNO has knowledge of membraamtechnologie and wants to make knowledge available membranes.


Understand how the oxygen can be controlled through membrane technology. Different systems in order to add oxygen' will be compared.


The study has three phases: Literature Scan, make a demonstrator and preparation and realization a research trial in a practical environment.

Wilfred Appelman MSc MBA


Wilfred Appelman MSc MBA


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