How can you get a good, early picture of the economic and energetic feasibility of employing a heat pump system? The answer: with the Quick Scan Heat Pumps for greenhouse horticulture. This software allows you to calculate the energetic feasibility of each specific situation.

Heat pumps are a sustainable alternative to traditional heating systems with boilers or CHP. TNO has developed a computer program specifically for greenhouse horticulture. With this quick scan, you can see whether a heat pump is an economically attractive option at an early stage. The quick scan consists of a number of input fields and a calculation program. You enter the data for your company and can then configure a heat pump system based on your situation and crop. The program determines the feasibility on the basis of current energy and component prices and cooling/heating demand patterns and then calculates the optimum capacity of the system. You can also compare various alternatives. This gives an indication of the feasibility of a heat pump in a specific situation. The next step could be to have a fitter or consultant perform a precise calculation and provide a quote.

Egon Janssen MSc


Egon Janssen MSc


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