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Smart Adaptive Sustainable Horticulture (SMASH)

Smart Adaptive Sustainable Horticulture (SMASH) is a public private partnership between Dutch leading horticulture companies, African companies, knowledge institutions and civil society organisations. In this project, the partners aim to make horticulture technologies affordable and adaptable for small-scale farmers in developing countries. Demonstrations will also take place on mid and high tech horticulture solutions.

Sustainable development of the horticultural sector is important to realize food security, reduce poverty and protect the environment. Current bottlenecks in developing countries are low productivity, suboptimal functioning supply chains, and market inefficiencies at trade and retail level. Most small scale farmers lack nessecery recourses and have difficulties to produce enough yields and maintain quality while handling and storing their produce. Let alone with selling to the market.SMASH aims an introducing integrated horitculture concepts to (partly) mitigate these circumstances and provide food security as well as additional income.

SMASH application

The Dutch horticulture sector can contribute to food security by introducing technologies that are adapted to local circumstances. The challenge is offering technologies and practices that fit the local growing conditions. SMASH will realize pilot ventures with lead investors to test and operate SMASH solutions. These launching partners are committed to share technologies within their value chains and beyond. Long-term partnership agreements will ensure this role. SMASH works with three different countries (Rwanda, South-Africa and Algeria), at three different levels of technology (Standard, Middle and High tech). This allows the partners to gain experience in different settings, with different circumstances. It will make the adaption process more efficient, once the low-tech solutions are ready to be extended to other regions.

Public Private Partnership

This initiative is led by Greenport Holland International who supports Dutch horticulture companies with internationalisation and entering markets in various countries worldwide. Besides TNO and African horticulture companies, WUR and BopInc are partners in this 3 year lasting project. SMASH is linked to the Dutch Topsector 'Tuinbouw en Uitgangsmaterialen'and is funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Tomato value chain in Rwanda: minimizing food losses

18 May 2017
In the project 'Smart Adaptive Sustainable Horticulture' (SMART) TNO, Wageningen University and BopInc evaluated the tomato value chain in Rwanda and provided suggestions for improvement. In Rwanda most... Read more


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