Suppliers of greenhouse covering systems make use of the advanced facilities at TNO for theoretical and experimental study of the storm resistance of greenhouse systems.

Suppliers of greenhouse covering systems can turn to TNO for advice on the detailing of structural connections in the greenhouse roof system. The benefit to the customer is that TNO offers both the various disciplines – knowledge in the areas of wind loads, materials, mechanics and reliability – and advanced facilities for theoretical and experimental research. During experiments, for example, the wind load can be simulated by applying a spectrum of varying loads to the greenhouse roof at multiple levels and frequencies.

Experimental research

Assessment of the constructional safety of greenhouse roof connections through experimental research provides the design values for the strength and stiffness of the greenhouse roof connections. These values can then be used in a static calculation of the greenhouse structure for determination of compliance with the standard. Experimental research on the greenhouse roof connections is also a good tool for evaluation of the glass deck under a simulated wind or snow load. Thanks in part to these test facilities, suppliers of greenhouse covering systems can quickly anticipate demand for greenhouse coverings for specific climate and use conditions.

Computer programs

As a natural follow-up to the cooperation between system suppliers and TNO in the quest for a fast and accurate method of dimensioning covering materials, TNO has written various custom computer programs under contract with the system suppliers. System suppliers now have the in-house capability to test the covering profiles for conformity to the standard and can develop greenhouse roof systems for optimum light transmittance and material use.

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