Our work


In managing a building or building structure inspection is sometimes necessary, for example if signs of ageing become apparent. Or perhaps there is another reason to want more information on the condition of the object, the expected lifetime and the maintenance that has to be carried out. TNO Built Environment and Geosciences can perform the necessary tests and inspections in such cases.

We have the experts in house, whether it's for standard building inspections or for more complex assessments of structures like bridges, viaducts and tunnels. The inspection often begins with a visual assessment that tries to ascertain the extent of any stress. Then we assess the safety or lifetime of the constructions using either desk research, testing of samples taken from the construction or the results of non-destructive research (NDR).
Examples of sample testing are: the invasion of chloride in concrete and its influence on the reinforcement, chemical corrosion, saline damage to the brickwork or stone, polarisation and fluorescence-microscopic (PFM) research.

Condition of the building

The inspections are indicative of the actual condition of the entire building structure in terms of the constructive safety and appearance. It is important during an inspection to determine the scope of the damage in specific places and ascertain where there is no damage. In any subsequent inspection behaviour over time can be better studied and a prediction concerning future behaviour more accurate.

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