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Our built cultural heritage is very valuable and we try to keep this as well maintained as possible. Maintaining buildings, defences and statues is highly specialised work that requires the kind of specialist knowledge of maintenance techniques that TNO provides. Working together, the result is efficient restoration that has lasting effects.

We investigate the cause of deterioration so that the cause can be removed and a sustainable restoration performed. We establish whether a conservation technique will produce the required result, ascertain the composition of old mortar and advise on the new joint mortar, masonry or plaster to be used. We determine whether cleaning of a monument will result in damage or advise on the most suitable cleaning method. We monitor humidity content or crack formation to gain insight into the creation of new damage. Our customers comprise building managers, architects, constructors//contractors? and suppliers of building materials.

We provide the following services:

  • Advice on maintenance measures;
  • Recording the extent of the conservation and monitoring the creation of new damage;
  • Product development for restoration materials;
  • Plan assessment;
  • Maintenance technique assessment.

Dr. Timo Nijland


Dr. Timo Nijland

  • Built cultural heritage
  • monuments
  • conservation
  • natural stone
  • buildig materials

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