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Technical advice

TNO provides technical consultancy services to the construction and greenhouse horticulture markets on subjects including product development, process improvement, damage analysis and legal proceedings. As an independent party with an excellent knowledge position, TNO is well-equipped for this role.

Issues relating to the development, construction and maintenance of the built environment sometimes call for highly specialised or multidisciplinary knowledge. TNO can provide that knowledge in situations including:

  • matters not covered by current legislation and regulations. In such cases, TNO interprets the legislation and regulations and draws up a substantiated proposal with which the situation must comply. The company can then implement this advice.
  • the application of state-of-the-art technology or of a new product that is not yet in use (e.g. advice and support on the integration of solar panels in a building product).
  • matters that require an opinion (or second opinion) from an independent expert.

One-stop-shop for expertise

The Innovation Centre for Building is the one-stop-shop for all available areas of expertise within TNO for the building sector. We will take you through our three-step plan to determine whether TNO can help you and, if so, which type of support is the most appropriate:

You can contact the ICB on +31 (0)88 866 30 32, and we will discuss which of TNO's areas of expertise relate to your particular case.
We hold a no-obligations intake meeting at which the relevant ICB expert and advisor are also present.
On the basis of the intake meeting, you will receive a constructive proposal setting out what our advice or support will involve, including the role of experts in the relevant area(s) of expertise.

Our work


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Our work

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Egon Janssen MSc


Egon Janssen MSc


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