Our work

Learning networks

For sensitive social problems for which there is no direct obvious answer, the search for a solution can be aided by a policy experiment. As an independent organisation TNO is an accepted partner for establishing and supervising policy experiments.

The combination of our experience with innovation and a strong technology base gives us the unrivalled capacity to carry out experiments at the interface of hard technology and related social opinions. In this way TNO helps local authorities establish new development visions that may focus on new (technological) developments, imminent European legislation or innovative structure and mobility concepts. Your vision is thus enriched, more dependable, innovative and realistic.

Development strategy

Carrying out a vision requires a development strategy:

  • Hoe can policy and execution be linked?
  • How can policy be translated into projects, how is that organised, what is my role and what not?
  • What can be outsourced and how can this be guided?
  • What information will facilitate guidance?
TNO takes on the role of strategic advisor so as to enable the effective steering of your regional development.

Innovative development

Development requires new routes. Regional development increasingly involves the transformation of the existing area. This is complex and demands a different approach: innovative development. As a stakeholder in this it is essential to go into this well prepared. TNO supports you in various ways:

  • In translating policy into regional development it is essential that the link between policy and building projects is guaranteed by a good investment strategy.
  • Opportunities and risks change constantly: this requires more than a risk analysis alone, it's about risk management, whereby the dynamic is continually in view and in balance.
  • Regional development is a kind of cyclical process so its execution also has to be monitored and translated into the policy objectives (Policy Monitor ISV). Development is by definition a collaboration between public and private parties. Clarity about the roles and supervision helps streamline this process.

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