Our work

Noise Control Engineering

Both legislation and customer demand set stringent requirements for exterior and interior noise of machinery and vehicles. Passenger and operator comfort, detectability, occupational and environmental noise requirements challenge the designer to reduce noise levels without conceding on other design constraints such as cost, weight or performance. TNO provides expertise and tools to deal with this.

Machinery Noise

Noise emission of machinery, appliances and vehicles often needs to be limited due to environmental, occupational, detectability, product quality or comfort requirements. TNO has the tools and expertise to diagnose and analyse the noise sources and transmission paths, and the knowledge of noise control solutions suitable for practical application.

Active Noise Control

TNO develops Active Noise & Vibrations Control (ANVC) systems for specific applications including passenger compartments, enclosures, panels, isolators and machinery components. Several patents have been granted and modular control software and hardware are available.

Ship Acoustics

For five decades TNO has provided R&D and consultancy services to navies and commercial shipbuilding industries. A wide range of analytical, experimental and computational knowledge and tools are available, and solutions include both passive and innovative active technologies to isolate noise sources.


Successful test with new clean water technology Tanzania

12 July 2016
In many areas of Tanzania the natural high concentration of fluoride in water sources cause teeth to color brown and other health problems. Therefore, the removal of fluoride is one of the main objectives.... Read more

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