Our work

Traffic Noise

Increasing traffic in all modes of transport, both passenger and freight, has led to an increase in noise pollution and the corresponding public awareness that is being expressed in the need for a quieter environment. Our capabilities include model development (numerical and theoretical), experimental testing and monitoring, system and software development, product innovation, and impact and policy studies.

Road Noise

Road traffic is a major noise source. Using model-based monitoring techniques and noise mapping, TNO can evaluate vehicle noise emissions on motorways and in urban areas. Detailed studies have been performed on noise barrier design and on meteorological effects such as reswing (affecting transmission over barriers). We also use advanced propagation models to predict sound propagation over large distance.

Railway Noise

Railway noise expertise at TNO includes modelling and measurement of rolling noise of vehicle/track systems including steel bridges, curve squeal, traction, braking and aerodynamic noise and other sources.

Aircraft Noise

TNO has performed source strength measurements at airports and proposed new solutions such as novel architecture and ground profiling along runways to reduce aircraft ground noise.

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