Regional economics

What are the effects of area development or of investments in large projects, regions or sectors? Government officials and other decision-makers need to obtain as accurate a picture as possible of these effects, not only after an investment has been made, but also in advance. TNO advises on economic studies of regions and sectors, and analyses investment returns.

More accurate picture of the effect of major investments

Investments in large-scale projects almost always involve large sums of money. Until recently, it was not possible to assess whether an investment was prudent until after the fact. By carrying out a social cost-benefit analysis (SCBA), it is possible to predict the effects of an investment (e.g. in a new rail link or in a sector such as the creative industry). This involves not only the financial effects but also the broader social effects. TNO can assess national effects, and places particular emphasis on regional effects.

More effective measures

TNO can provide the data required for effectual SCBAs. The forms in which the data are provided include models for long-term regional economic development and a multi-regional input-output table. Using the same combination of models and knowledge, TNO can also advise in advance on improvements to make intended measures more effective. Other possibilities include monitoring the effects of policy after its implementation and advising on any modifications that may be required.

Environment & Sustainability

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