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2012 Economic Outlook of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

TNO, the VU University Amsterdam and Ernst & Young compiled the 2012 Economic Outlook of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (EVMRA) for the Amsterdam municipal authority and the Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce. This annual outlook outlines the economic development, competitiveness and international orientation of the capital-city area. The figures show that the area's economic performance in 2011 was above the national average.

The economic outlook provides a complete picture of the economic position and development of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, which encompasses the capital and a large area around it, including more than thirty surrounding municipalities in the south of Noord-Holland province and Flevoland. The 2012 outlook focuses on the development of the area's economy after the crisis of 2009. In addition to the figures for 2011, the outlook also contains an area-specific forecast for economic growth in 2012 and 2013. The results are compared with national and international figures to give an accurate picture of the area's competitiveness and international orientation.

Main findings and conclusions

In 2011, economic growth in the Amsterdam Meropolitan Area was 1.5 percent, slightly above the national average. Compared to 2010, however, this represented a slowdown in growth.
The area's growth base, like that of the national economy as a whole, has narrowed. The wholesale sector is sustaining growth, thanks to the area's international ports and airports. The moderate growth is mainly due to domestic factors. Consumers are tightening their belts, and so is the financial sector, which was previously an important engine of growth. Productivity growth is low, especially in comparison to other European urban regions such as Stockholm and Paris.
International investment remains high. The area attracts forty percent of all foreign investment in the Netherlands, mainly from the US and European countries, the traditional investors in the area. Chinese investors, who are showing an increasing interest in Europe, tend to favour Germany's industrial reputation and knowledge base.

Full insight

The Amsterdam municipal authority's Research and Statistics Office (O&S) has published all the data on its website. Together with the printed 2012 EVMRA, they provide full insight into the area's economic developments in the short and long term. For policymakers and entrepreneurs, this information is a valuable tool for making informed decisions and assessing market opportunities more accurately.

Drs. Thijmen van Bree


Drs. Thijmen van Bree


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