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Evaluation and impact assessment of innovation policy

What policy instruments are needed for innovation? What are the consequences of applying specific innovation policy instruments? Through monitoring, evaluation and impact analysis IPG assesses the ex-ante and ex-post impacts of policy.

Governments from industrialised economies are facing new challenges to design policies that help sustain long-term economic growth and competitiveness. New challenges like outsourcing and off-shoring of industrial activities and R&D, the rise of low cost production centers and changes in the nature of the innovation process itself towards openness and integration are organising factors. Socio-economic factors like the aging of population, environment, global shifts in economic power, cost of energy and raw materials are affecting industrialised countries, and there is little past experience as to how to best face these challenges. Key questions concern the impact of policies on investment in innovative activities, the take-up of innovations and networking between firms. The work is based on monitoring of developments in R&D and innovativeness of specific technology fields or industrial sectors, as well as on benchmarking of innovation and innovation policies in these fields.

Policy analysis

The challenges mentioned above bring three interrelated important aspects to the forefront of policy analysis.

  • There a prominent awareness worldwide that R&D is important for innovation and that innovation is a central factor to competitiveness and growth;
  • There is a recognition that the application of science and technology can be potentially managed to spur economic multipliers as factors for competitiveness. The assumption is that those governments that best promote, manage and diffuse innovations will be best positioned to renew competitive features in the long term;
  • As consequence of the previous two points there is the need to account what policy instruments work best in the new conditions and what needs to be renewed.

Policy related activities

IPG is involved in innovation policy monitoring and impact assessments in various technology fields and industrial sectors. Some of our key projects include:

  • Biopolis - An inventory and analysis of national public policies used to stimulate research (in life sciences and biotechnology) and commercial exploitation by industry in Europe in the period 2002-2005;
  • Bio4EU - A project analyzing consequences, opportunities and challenges of modern biotechnology for Europe;
  • Monitoring of IRIM (Industrial Research Investment Monitoring);
  • Science and Technology Commercialisation in Russia - A project in which IPG contributed to the formulation of an innovation policy for the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Carlos Montalvo Corral


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