Our work

Transition experiments

We are more often stuck in traffic jams, we eat too much and too much fat, ageing is increasingly putting pressure on our society and the climate is changing. The Netherlands faces many challenges and the need for societal innovation is urgent.

Innovation can be learned

Innovation is a combination of theory and practice, so experimentation is essential. Generally there is no firm plan beforehand and things can go wrong. Which is OK because innovation is about learning new things. TNO supervises (regional) authorities, companies, non-governmental organisations and consumers to set up and carry out Societal Innovation Experiments.

Cooperation is crucial

Cooperation is crucial to sustainable societal innovation. TNO gathers stakeholders together to get an experiment under way and to develop a broadly supported vision. If an innovation project already exists, then TNO ensures that it links up with ongoing societal changes. TNO approaches problems and solutions from a different, unexpected context. This creates new opportunities, partnerships, solutions, methods and visions. Apart from cooperation, the approach taken by TNO has a strong focus on the high level of commitment of and interaction between parties in an experiment. After all, the ultimate goal is to exploit the opportunities created by the experiment.

MiXT®: the right method

The method developed and used by TNO to supervise innovations and set up concrete experiments is called MiXT®. It tackles stubborn issues characterised by the variety of players and uncertainty about how such issues should be confronted. We link long-term visions with concrete innovations and test them in practice, thereby creating solutions that contribute to societal innovation. Among the projects TNO has supported are those aimed at making urban mobility sustainable and effecting a cultural shift in the building and construction industry.

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