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Where does Randstad stand in Europe?

Link large databases of varying levels to each other and ensure that a comprehensive picture can be formed of the competitive strength of urban regions – that was the econometric challenge presented to TNO and which resulted in the annual Randstad Monitor. The results of 2007 are now out: the Randstad is an average achiever.

Competition is not so much among countries now as among economic region. Urban regions are increasingly appreciating the importance of their economic competitiveness in which benchmarking is essential. The annual analysis of strengths and weaknesses is a key tool in optimally adjusting the policy processes to achieve the required goal: a strong competitive position.

Randstad Monitor

TNO has been using the Randstad Monitor for Randstad Region since 2004. It contains various indicators to generate a picture of the Randstad against other European urban regions. The indicators have been selected so that they can be structurally monitored over the years and thus provide a consistent picture of the region's competitiveness.

Results of 2007

The latest Randstad Monitor that compares the region with 19 other urban regions in Europe reveals that the Randstad is an average performer. Over a longer period of economic growth is moderate while growth in terms of work productivity, a key indicator for innovative capacity, is below the European average. The Randstad has to realise that other regions are growing faster in economic terms because they do business smarter.

Econometrics as source of inspiration

The Randstad Monitor data provide valuable input for the diverse projects. The Zuidvleugel (south wing) is one. To prompt thoughts and discussion about the economic potential of the Zuidvleugel, the Randstad Monitor has sufficient points of contact and comparative material. However, more is possible than just consulting the tables. The method developed also has interesting possible applications. Contact us for more information.

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