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Prosperity and urbanisation make increasing demands on transport and mobility: it has to be safer, faster and cleaner. That is only possible in the connection between technology and human behavior. So TNO is working with government and industry on technological innovation as well as the influence of human behaviour.

Better infrastructure, lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions must go hand in hand with reliable traffic information systems and other mobility patterns. Mobility is deeply embedded in our society, giving us the opportunity to meet each other, at work, among friends or family, and to relax. It is also the bearer of our trade nation: we transport raw materials and semimanufactured goods to producers and end products to consumers.

Mobility is a condition for prosperity and welfare, but our mobility system is also harmful to the economy, people and the environment. Think about the daily traffic jams, increasing energy use, emission of CO2 and particulate matter, problems related to traffic safety and noise pollution. Therefore, TNO is looking for ways to make traffic more reliable, safer, cleaner and quieter. We invite to cooperate.

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First step towards European standard for cooperative driving

10 May 2016
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Vision Truck Platooning 2025

18 April 2016
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10 March 2016
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TNO Automotive Inhouse Day

TNO - Automotive Campus 30, Helmond
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Paul van den Avoort MSc

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