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Driving Electric: important option Sustainable Mobility

Limit climate change, secure energy supply and improve air quality: these are all topics high on society's agenda. If introduced with the right policy, electric transport can make a solid contribution to these targets and provide a key ingredient for a future sustainable mobility system.

Interest worldwide for electric vehicles is caused by both breakthroughs in battery technology that can extend range and the urgency to find solutions whereby we can halt further climate change. The Dutch government's launch of the Electric Driving Plan involves a programme of nine fieldlab projects, funding, encouragement to lay the infrastructure and subsidies for launching customers. TNO advises the ministries and is part of three of the fieldlab projects and three High Tech Automotive Systems (HTAS) projects in which new technology is being developed.

Electric transport: a start

Different cities and regions are developing their own programmes, like Amsterdam, where the municipality has come up with a well founded plan to have 10,000 electric vehicles driving around within the A10 ring road by 2015. Various subsidies will be available for this initiative and a charging point will be installed close to every buyer. For Amsterdam TNO calculated how many electric cars would be needed to significantly improve the air quality. A lot still has to happen before electric cars can make a real breakthrough. More battery capacity and lower costs are key ingredients to get this technology underway on a large scale. In addition, investments in a charging infrastructure are needed along with a consistent strategy and a long deep breath to ensure that this innovation route can be covered successfully. We have to make sure that electric transport is ready for large-scale use in the longer term.

TNO's contribution

TNO is a supplier of knowledge and advisor to Dutch and European government bodies and companies in the field of sustainable mobility. Electric mobility is one of our focal areas. Our knowledge and expertise includes technology development, behavioural factors, mobility effects, environmental and sustainability aspects as well as knowledge of innovation systems. TNO is active many national and international projects. Our (downloadable) track record reveals some recent projects in the field of:

  • Supervising and monitoring fieldlab projects.
  • Engineering development, including HTAS projects.
  • Electric bicycles.
  • Technology assessments.
  • Policy support for national government (incl. Formula E team).
  • Strategic support for companies and industrial trade associations.


TNO participation in Coast 2 Coast e-Mobility Program

22 September 2015
TNO joins The Coast to Coast E-Mobility Connection, an agreement between California and The Netherlands on Smart- and E-Mobility. Read more


Dr. Richard Smokers MSc

  • sustainable mobility
  • vehicle emissions
  • electric vehicles
  • alternative fuels

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