Laboratory for ballistics research

Protection, munitions and weapons

The Weapon effects and protection center is the most highly advanced weapons testing center in Europe. The fully indoor facility offers full testing capabilities for ballistics, whole vehicles and laser weaponry. With advanced diagnostic and analytic technology, all manner of weaponry and defence materials can be accurately tested in a controlled environment.

For more than 70 years, TNO has worked on innovations that protect those who protect us. The new center offers state-of-the-art facilities that will enable us to take that development well into the future.

Vehicle Test Hall

The Vehicle Test Hall is a full-sized, steel-reinforced concrete bunker capable of testing whole military vehicles. The facility includes a new vehicle test hall (1 kg HE TNTeq) and a bunker (25 kg HE TNTeq). Both are designed to ensure that no sound will be audible to local residents, and there will be no impact on the environment. The bunker is designed to simulate explosive and ballistics attacks from any angle, in any weather or geographical conditions, and from a variety of distances.

The latest technological advancements ensure complete and accurate analysis of every test, and scientifically precise diagnoses of impact, pressure loads, damage, ballistic and blast effects and damage and failure mechanism. With the use of Hybrid 3 Test Dummies, the impact on human vehicle crew (accelerations, blast loads, etc) can also be carefully measured, analysed and studied to obtain the highest safety and quality of life standards possible in any given scenario.

Ballistics Test Facilities

In the Ballistics Test Facility, the latest in large- and small-calibre firepower – and the materials that protect against them – can be carefully studied and analysed. With the position that ‘the best defence is mostly a strong offense’, it is a key objective to ensure that Dutch and NATO troops have the firepower they need to defend against adversaries in the most effective way possible.

We also aim to ensure that they wear the most advanced and effective gear to protect themselves from the opposing firepower. Making these materials stronger, lighter and more effective are among the primary goals. The Test Facility lab has been retrofitted with the latest equipment, including diagnostic and measurement technology that allows for better, more accurate analysis.

High-Energy Laser Lab

The High-Energy Laser Lab is primarily focused on testing laser-target interaction, and understanding the materials that protect against laser warfare. The lab also includes opportunities to experiment with critical components to improve the power of this new warfare technology.

With the ability to test in a variety of conditions and distances, using countless parameters and variables, TNO is helping our forces to learn and study the potential of this new technology, to develop the materials to protect against it, and to understand the conditions that strengthen or weaken its impact.

How to make use of it

The center is fully equipped for complete and accurate analysis and measurement. Organisations that use the center to test their innovations will have the power of technical and scientific metrics, analyses and algorithms to accurately simulate scenarios and assess the strengths and weaknesses of their solutions. The center offers total validation capabilities.

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Statement regarding circulating TNO test reports with alleged NIJ certification of armour plates

28 July 2022
It has come to our attention that there are armour plates circulating online with test reports claiming they’re NIJ 0101.06 IV SA certified and tested by TNO.