Efficient drug development

TargetTri - identifying side effects of new drugs sooner

It can take up to 10 years and cost many billions to develop a new drug. Often only to find during the last phase that the active ingredients are not sufficiently effective or have undesirable side effects. We’ve developed the web-based platform TargetTri, which enables you to identify the risks of undesirable effects at an early stage. This significantly reduces the chance of failure.

Developing a new drug starts by choosing the protein in the human body that should respond to the drug. This is called the drug target. This protein will inhibit a disease process or stimulate other biological processes.

Collecting and interpreting data

Based on literature and available data, we’ve long been making reports to assess the risks of new drug targets. Now we’ve perfected this process. We not only collect relevant data, but also interpret that data to produce a well-founded risk analysis. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning play an essential role in this process.

Different areas of expertise

We deploy a wide range of expertise that makes the TargetTri platform unique. With text and data mining, we collect and structure the right information. Our toxicologists are familiar with the latest scientific developments and relevant sources. We use systems biology to study interactions between proteins and their effects. The field of Computational Chemistry also makes important contributions.

More efficient, effective, and affordable

By bringing forward the analysis of possible side effects, TargetTri makes the drug discovery pipeline far more efficient, effective, and affordable. Pharmaceutical companies gain insight into the effectiveness and risks of the selected drug targets from the very start of the drug development process. Various pharmaceutical companies participated in the development of TargetTri and are now using it in their research.


Are you interested in the activities of TargetTri? Or would you like to invest in commercialising this platform? Reach out to us and get in touch with Eddy Zwier.

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