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Between social welfare and innovation - bringing two worlds together

16 November 2016 • 1 min reading time

If you break a leg, then there are healthcare professionals on hand who can help you get better using their knowledge. If you find yourself on benefits, then the help you receive in looking for work is uncertain. The differences between the approaches used by and even within various social security departments are enormous. In West Brabant, the social security departments from six different local authorities are now working together on one consistent and effective method that has been developed by TNO.

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House of Skills: skills are the future of work

30 Apr '18 - 5 min
Various parties in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area are using House of Skills to jointly develop career programmes that will boost the long-term employment prospects... Read more
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How do you keep shift workers productive and employable over the long term?

11 Jan '18 - 4 min
After years of working shifts, people are at great risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes and sleeping problems. Together with a number of companies,... Read more
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Eliminating work-related cancer: minor investment, major impact

17 Oct '17 - 1 min
Of the 4,100 people who die from occupational diseases each year in the Netherlands, work-related cancer is responsible for around 2,700 of these deaths. Despite... Read more
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Cooperation between humans and robot offers new possibilities

9 Oct '17 - 4 min
For many people the rise of robots seems like a nightmare scenario in which machines replace people. But increasingly, the sentiment is being expressed that while... Read more
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Digital learning boosts safe working in the port

17 Mar '17 - 4 min
The Port of Rotterdam aspires to be the safest and most sustainable mainport by 2020. That imposes great demands on the companies operating in the port, and on the... Read more


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