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Exoskeleton: beyond the limits of human strength

1 July 2016 • 1 min reading time

TNO explores the human enhancement and the future of work. How can concepts such as robotisation, enhance human resilience and sustainable employment? One of the answers may be found in RoboMate: a wearable exoskeleton that combines human intention and mechanical strength.

Imagine the ability to safely and easily lift a heavy  box up over your head. And then carefully place that box on top of a stack of similar boxes. Only for superheroes? Not anymore! TNO and the University of Twente are joined in a consortium with knowledge institutes and companies and are already developing industrial exoskeletons which can do so. The result of the consortium’s developments can have a tremendous impact on the medical, military and industrial sectors. Watch the short video below and get in touch with TNO for more information.

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