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Get to know TNO: experience what it’s like to work at TNO and visit the inhouse day on October 13th

27 September 2017 • 1 min reading time

Peter Werkhoven, Managing Director Technical Sciences, talks about talent and creativity as fuel for solutions needed by industry and society. TNO’s expertise, according to Peter, is so unique, no one else can do it. On October 13th, we offer you an unique insider view of what it’s like to work at TNO along with the opportunity to experience what kind of organisation we are.


Attending our Corporate Inhouse Day ‘Get to know TNO’ means you will experience a widely varied program, meet our TNO employees, take part in interactive demos, attend lab tours in our diverse labs, play serious games  and attend inspiring presentations to learn more about innovations we work on.

Register for Get to know TNO

If you are an ambitious student, looking for a new challenge, then register for Get to know TNO before October 1st!


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