How a serious game helps in crisis situations

1 March 2015 • 1 min reading time

A crisis or an incident always happens unexpectedly. It is therefore important that all players involved are well trained and collaborate effectively with each other to ensure an appropriate response if a problem arises. For this reason, serious games are an important tool.

TNO is involved in the development of various games such as the CrisisCommunicationGame and Total Blackout. Both games are facilitated by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), The Hague Security Delta and the municipality of The Hague.

Responsible parties during crisis

In the event of crisis, it is particularly important – also for the credibility towards the citizens – that all of those concerned carry the same message as to the situation. In practice, especially if a chaotic situation is taking place and one never exactly knows which parties are involved, it helps to determine where ones responsibility lies. To train for this purpose, TNO, T-Xchange, Crisisplan and the IFV, have developed the CrisisCommunicatieGame.

The CrisisCommunicationGame

This serious game makes all participants aware of the importance of their role in the entire crisis communication process: which message is at any time given by whom, and how does the perspective change, as the crises continues to evolve? The CrisisCommunicationGame first of all aims to communication during an incident. In the future, the game will also focus on communication regarding cyber security incidents.

An adequate action

The game, which is primarily aimed at private parties, also with respect to external parties, should ensure that over a predetermined period of time organisations will act more appropriate and raise awareness on the potential impact that their decisions and communication have on the operation of a crisis situation. With this game you can also test and validate contingency planning and procedures, and expose critical weak points.


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