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Organ-on-a-chip technology will make drug development more efficient

26 January 2018 • 1 min reading time

In order to enable more efficient drug development, we urgently need better translational models, and specifically models that enable populational variability and personalized aspects to be studied already in pre-clinical development. One of the promising approaches is organ-on-a-chip technology, which mimics organ functionalities under physiological conditions.

Besides being a highly promising development to better predict what effect drugs (and nutrients) will have on different people, organ on-a-chip technology will also help reduce the use of laboratory animals by providing better alternatives.

Powerful technology

Over the next couple of years this powerful technology will need to prove itself as an accepted part of the pre-clinical drug development process and important aspects such as validation and standardisation will require a lot of additional research.

TNO’s investment in organ on-a-chip technologies is aligned with the ambitions of the Dutch government to develop personalised medicine and reduce, refine and replace laboratory animal use.

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