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Stay healthy, and in control of your data

5 February 2019 • 1 min reading time

Nowadays, the benefits of the Internet and digital innovation are permeating into practically every area of our lives and we are amassing vast volumes of data. Is it then not time that we applied more of these benefits, along with the data that help fuel them, to improving healthcare and making it more cost effective?

White paper ‘Stay healthy, and in control of your data’

Would you like to know more about how data science is changing the healthcare sector? Read our white paper.


The recently published white paper, “Stay healthy, and in control of your data” describes how TNO perceives the transformation that data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) can help realise in the healthcare sector. It also highlights a few challenges to be faced along the way, such as logically connecting huge amounts of sensitive data, complying with recently introduced data protection legislation and ensuring that every individual is always in control of his or her data.

Keeping people healthy

The white paper provides insights into the many steps that TNO has already taken in this area. Take, for example, monitoring children’s growth data to provide insights into their generic health and flag up potential anomalies, the early detection and diagnosis of chronic diseases and improving people’s health through personal nutritional advice. Things that, with the aid of data science and AI, will deliver bespoke ways of keeping people healthy and lowering the cost of doing so.

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