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Anouk Bos: "We believe in young talent"

11 April 2016 • 4 min reading time

Anouk Bos, a recruiter at TNO, is always searching for new talent and is especially interested in young professionals who have an entrepreneurial mindset and a clear vision. "At TNO, we really believe in young talent."

When a technical innovation makes the news, you can be sure that it has social relevance that affects all of us. "We work on finding solutions for problems facing our society," explains recruiter Anouk Bos. "That is what is so great about working at TNO. We develop knowledge into practical applications that make the world more sustainable and improve our competitiveness. TNO stands for innovation with a purpose and working together with companies, government bodies, and other knowledge organizations."

Knowledge development for practical application

That is also the reason why many technicians who have just completed their studies choose to work at TNO, explains Bos. "Working on the cutting edge of scientific research and its application is an exciting challenge every single day. After graduating, you can further immerse yourself in your subject and spend the next four years working towards your PhD. By choosing TNO, you are choosing a multidisciplinary organization with all its associated challenges. We innovate within five social themes, each with its own social and economic topics. As a business developer, consultant, researcher, or project manager, you contribute directly to each topic. This is a very rewarding experience. If knowledge development and applicability are important to you, then working at TNO is a logical next step to take in your career." 

"If knowledge development and applicability are important to you, then working at TNO is a logical next step to take in your career" 

TNO: always socially relevant

Bos finds the social relevance of the research done at TNO fascinating and provides an example. "Safe and clean traffic and the efficient transport of goods are very important for an environment offering a good quality of life. This topic was already of interest to Eindhoven University of Technology alumnus Jeroen Zegers when he researched methodologies for cooperative driving in his Dynamics & Control Master's research project. He is currently working on the EcoTwin project at TNO as a scientist innovator. This project focuses on two self-driving lorries that are linked together electronically as they drive together. Zegers sets up simulation models, tests the applications at DAF, and analyses their safety. Wouldn't it be great to be able to look back one day and say, 'I once did the research for this at TNO'?"

The cutting edge of expertise

The best innovations occur at the interfaces of connections. According to Bos, TNO is the best place for this. There are few other places where you will find so many different specializations under a single roof. Returning to the self-propelled car, this requires a change in mindset and behaviour to make it a success. This is a perfect area of research for psychologists and sociologists who can also be found at TNO. "Most projects require the input of different types of expertise," Bos continues. "Together, they consider the best way to solve social problems and what industry needs to stay ahead."

A flying start for young innovators

In her search for talent, Bos is focused on young professionals. "Professionals who have just completed their studies can make an important contribution at TNO. They have knowledge and understanding of the latest technologies and provide new insights. At TNO, we really believe in young talent. We search for young professionals who have an entrepreneurial mindset and a clear vision, who are able to connect with colleagues and external collaborative opportunities, and who search for new markets and continue to develop during their careers."

"We search for young professionals who have an entrepreneurial mindset and a clear vision"

Choose your own direction

New staff are coached for two years in developing soft skills such as client-focus, personal effectiveness, and hard job-related competences in order to keep their knowledge up to date. "You can select a mentor with whom you can have friendly topical debates, or you can choose someone outside your specific area of knowledge," Bos explains.

Talent Development Programme

New staff are also eligible for the Talent Development Programme. This programme is for anyone wishing to make a career in technology and who would like to explore which specific developmental track (applied technology, consultancy, project management, or business development) is best suited to them. These TNO employees follow an accelerated career and personal development trajectory in three to four years.

Directing your own career

"The control that you retain over your career is what attracts many staff to TNO," explains Bos. "At TNO you stand at the helm of your career and you decide which direction to take in the future. It helps that TNO is a large organization that provides many opportunities and possible directions." 

Favourite employer
For the third time in a row, TNO was named as the favourite employer in the technical branch in the Intermediair Imago Onderzoek 2015 (image survey 2015, held by Intermediair, a Dutch magazine for higher educated professionals). TNO outshone the Dutch Royal BAM Group and Arcadis who finished in second and third place. TNO rose in the overall rankings from 27th to 22nd place.


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