Welcome to TNO Insights!

1 November 2018 • 1 min reading time

TNOTIME changed to TNO Insights.

Why a name change?

The new name, TNO Insights, is more in line with the articles that can be read on the platform and that provide a deeper understanding of TNO’s fields of work. The content gives you ‘insights’ into the work of TNO and perhaps also into your own work or field of expertise.

More improvements

The platform has become a permanent part of All content can now be found on one website so you can click through to new interesting articles even faster. We also gave the landing page a new design that is in line with the design of

Enjoy reading!


Welcome to TNO Insights!

1 Nov '18 - 1 min
TNOTIME changed to TNO Insights. Read more
customer experiences

RESPECT4U: how the new privacy rules also offer opportunities for organizations

26 Jan '18 - 3 min
Due to new EU measures in the area of privacy, organizations that process personal data must adjust their procedures. This is a major operation, but also an opportunity... Read more

TNO sets the course for the circular economy

23 Jan '18 - 4 min
What opportunities are offered by the transition to a more circular economy in the Netherlands, for example in terms of employment and the environment? Given the... Read more

This is how we will accelerate the transition to a circular plastics economy

9 Jan '18 - 4 min
A strongly supported agenda featuring projects that aim to accelerate the transition to a fully circular plastics economy: that is the result of the collaboration... Read more

Four reasons for quantifying the impact of a circular economy

2 Jan '18 - 3 min
A circular economy: surely we all want that? The Dutch government aims to achieve a fully circular economy by 2050, but one large company – PWC – is even more ambitious:... Read more

Circular economy: TNO is working on a future without waste

27 Dec '17 - 4 min
Sustainability is one of the major global societal challenges of our time. It has become essential to create a circular economy in which the reuse of products and... Read more


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