Cleaning up our shipping industry

Look through the eyes of TNO and discover how we contribute to the life of tomorrow with innovations in sustainable shipping.

Sustainability of shipping

While you are no longer allowed to enter the city with your diesel, ships are still sailing by on fuel oil. How can the sustainability of shipping be accelerated?

Alternative fuels

Have you ever seen a charging station on the open sea? It means that electrification of shipping is not the obvious solution. Moreover, the transition would be very costly and time-consuming given the lifespan of ship engines: most of today's ship engines will not be written off by the time the Paris Climate Goals should be achieved. Alternative fuels offer perspectives.

Making useful Transport movements

TNO conducts research into smart logistics in the maritime sector. This concerns optimising the required logistic movements of products, as well as analysing the infrastructure required for this.

“Ships often sail back and forth with half-filled or empty containers,” says Jurrit Bergsma of TNO. “Because, for example, the transport has not yet been coordinated in terms of planning or because it is practical. To make this sustainable and useful, there are still lessons to be learned and steps to be taken when it comes to multimodal coordination and sustainability in shipping.”

Circular shipping

A ship that is scrapped often has a significant negative environmental impact. Our ambitions for clean ships also focus on scrapping. That is why we invest in research into circular ships. From construction to discarding: clean ships is what we envision.

Look through the eyes of TNO and envision it

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