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GMES Services for Management of Operations, Situation Awareness and Intelligence for Regional Crises

Within the context of the GMES Initiative (Global Monitoring for Environment and Security), the G-MOSAIC Collaborative Project aims at identifying and developing products, methodologies and pilot services for the provision of geo-spatial information in support to EU external relations policies and at contributing to define and demonstrate sustainability of GMES global security perspective. G-MOSAIC will develop services for security to support:

Intelligence and Early Warning

The objective is to deploy and validate those information services that contribute to the analysis of the causes leading to regional crises, such as weapons proliferation, fight for natural resources, population pressure, land degradation, and illegal activities. Important aspects are the development of crisis indicators, and the monitoring of critical assets, routes, and borders.

Crisis Management Operations

With deploying and validating those information services that contribute to support the planning for EU intervention during crises, the EU intervention and citizen repatriation during crises, the crisis consequences management, reconstruction & resilience. Important aspects are contingency planning, rapid mapping, and damage assessment.


Rob Dekker MSc

  • data fusion
  • geospatial analysis
  • GIS
  • image processing

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