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CO2 Site Closure Assessment Research.
CO2CARE aims to support the large-scale demonstration of CO2 Capture and Storage (CCS) technology on one specific point in the process: research the requirements of safe and long term CO2 storage site abandonment.

It will deliver technologies and procedures for abandonment and post-closure safety, satisfying the regulatory requirements for transfer of responsibility.
Three criteria must be met:

  • Observed behavior of the injected CO2 must conform to the modeled behavior
  • No detectable leakage
  • Storage site must evolve towards a situation of long-term stability

Six interrelated work packages will focus on three key topics:

  • Well abandonment and long-term integrity
  • Reservoir management and prediction from closure to the long-term
  • Risk management methodologies for long-term safety

Objectives will be achieved via integrated laboratory research, field experiments and state-of-the-art numerical modeling, supported by literature review and data from a rich portfolio of real storage sites, covering a wide range of geological and geographical settings.


CO2CARE will develop plugging techniques to ensure long-term well integrity; study the factors critical to long-term site safety; develop monitoring methods for leakage detection; develop remediation technologies.

Predictive modeling approaches will be assessed for their ability to help define acceptance criteria. Risk management procedures and tools to assess post-closure system performance will be developed. Integrating these, the technical criteria necessary to assess whether a site meets the high level requirements for transfer of responsibility defined by the EU Directive will be established.
These technologies will be implemented at the Ketzin site. Dry-run applications for site abandonment will be developed for hypothetical closure scenarios at Sleipner and K12-B. Participation of partners from the US, Canada, Japan and Australia and data obtained from current and closed sites add to the field monitoring database and place the results of CO2CARE in a global perspective.

CO2Care is a project funded by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme.

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Drs. Jens Wollenweber


Drs. Jens Wollenweber


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