Efficient, stable, low-cost tandem organic devices

X10D aims to enable organic photovoltaics (OPV) to enter the competitive thin-film PV market. It will use the strengths available in device efficiency and architectures in both solution processed as well as small molecule based OPV.
The objective for X10D is to develop efficient, low-cost, stable tandem organic solar cells by applying new designs, materials and manufacturing technologies to create market-competitive OPV modules. Therefore, X10D proposes to bring together partners that compose a complete and unique OPV research and development consortium, from academic partners, research centers, SMEs, and large companies. Together, the X10D partners cover each segment of the complete value chain: materials development and up scaling, device development and up scaling, large area deposition equipment and processes, novel transparent conductors, laser scribing equipment and processes, encapsulation technologies, energy, life-cycle, and cost analysis and finally end-users.


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