Resilient Cities and Infrastructure (RESIN) is an interdisciplinary, practice-based H2020 research project investigating climate resilience in European cities. Through co-creation and knowledge brokerage between cities and researchers, the project is working on developing standardised methodologies and practical tools that cities can use to develop local adaptation strategies.

Adaptation approach and disaster risk management

The RESIN project aims to bring together the climate change adaptation approach applied by city administrators on urban areas and the disaster risk management approach used by operators of city infrastructures. The project is building on previous research by combining existing approaches to develop an innovative, holistic decision support tool (DST) that takes into account all of the core elements of the urban system and the ways in which they are interrelated. As elements of the DST, new tools are being developed such as a standardised vulnerability analysis, a database allowing selection and prioritisation of adaptation options and a city typology.


The project is moving past local, city-specific approaches to climate change adaptation and towards developing central frameworks for cities to learn from other cities’ experience when developing adaptation strategies for their own local contexts. The project is working with European standardisation organisations with a view to contributing to the formal standardisation of adaptation tools and approaches. This will allow cities to share and compare knowledge and capabilities and for cities to support one another in developing their capacity for resilience. 


The project’s research organisations are working in close partnership with the project’s 4 core cities,  Paris, Manchester, Bratislava and Bilbao, to co-create the RESIN methodologies and tools to ensure that these are tailored to cities’ needs. This cooperation allows immediate testing and evaluation of the tools the partners develop, and subsequent progress is informed and guided by the effectiveness and outcomes of the pilot testing of the tools. The researchers use data provided by the core cities to analyse and characterise their current processes and policies related to climate adaptation.


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