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TEL:+31 88 8665424 

Research area

I find my motivation in improving the design of embedded and cyber-physical systems. These systems are at the heart of our smart society. Dependable operation is essential. Their design should be model-driven and based on rigorous mathematical foundations. I focus on performance engineering, design-space exploration, computational models, and system synthesis. Model-driven design improves time-to-quality and the cost-performance ratio of systems. 

Recent results

System performance often brings the competitive advantage for  high-tech cyber-physical systems like semiconductor equipment, analytical instruments, and medical equipment. In 2021, we published our views on challenges, focus areas and best practices for model-driven system-performance engineering (SysPE). Other recent work focused on model-driven specification and analysis of cyber-physical production systems through max+ linear systems. High-level performance models allow an effective and efficient design-space exploration for such systems. We have further been developing a component interface model for quality- and resource management (QRM) of cyber-physical systems (CPS). The QRM view complements the functional view on systems. Making the QRM view of CPS explicit enables both design time and runtime reasoning about tradeoffs between system qualities and the required resource budgets. 

PhD supervision

  • Mahtab Modaber
  • Nasim Samimi Dehkordi
  • Joan Marce i Igual
  • Alireza Mohammadkhani 
  • Hossein Elahi
  • Roohallah Azarmi 
  • Amr Ibrahim 
  • Paul Detterer 
  • Ruben Jonk 
  • Sajid Mohamed 
  • Paul Brandt 
Top publications
  • van der Sanden, Y. Li, J. van den Aker, B. Akesson, T. Bijlsma, M. Hendriks, K. Triantafyllidis, J. Verriet, J. Voeten, T. Basten. Model-Driven System-Performance Engineering for Cyber-Physical Systems. In 2021 International Conference on Embedded Software Companion, EMSOFT’21, pages 11-22. ACM Press, New York, USA, 2021.
  • Hendriks, M. Geilen, K. Goossens, R. de Jong, T. Basten. Interface Modeling for Quality and Resource Management. Logical Methods in Computer Science, LMCS. 17(2), 19:1-19:34, 26 May 2021. 
  • Basten, J. Bastos, R. Medina, B. van der Sanden, M.C.W. Geilen, D. Goswami, M.A. Reniers, S. Stuijk, J.P.M. Voeten. Scenarios in the Design of Flexible Manufacturing Systems. In System-Scenario-based Design Principles and Applications, pages 181-224. Springer Nature, Switzerland, 2020.
  • van Pinxten, M.C.W. Geilen, T. Basten. Parametric Scheduler Characterization. ACM TECS. 18(5s), Article 110, 2019.
  • Hendriks, H. Alizadeh Ara, M.C.W. Geilen, T. Basten, R. Guerra Marin, R. de Jong, S. van der Vlugt. Monotonic Optimization of Dataflow Buffer Sizes. Journal of Signal Processing Systems. 91(1):21-32, January 2019.
  • Hendriks, T. Basten, J. Verriet, M. Brassé, L. Somers. A Blueprint for System-Level Performance Modeling of Software-Intensive Embedded Systems. STTT. 18(1):21-40, 2016.
  • Shojaei, T. Basten, M.C.W. Geilen, A. Davoodi. A Fast and Scalable Multi-dimensional Multiple-choice Knapsack Heuristic. ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems, ToDAES. 18(4), Article 51, 32 pages, October 2013.


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