Part of our mission is to boost the competitive strength of Dutch business and industry. To achieve this, we are working with the business community and top sectors to develop new services and products that tap into new markets. We are strongly committed to technology transfer to create more economic impact. We focus more on the valorisation of our knowledge through licence agreements and spin-offs to ensure that the developed knowledge actually ends up in society.


IMPACT: LeydenJar Technologies


Today’s generation of lithium-ion batteries falls short of the demands in the near future, for example for electric transport and renewable energy storage. The spin-off LeydenJar has developed a unique technology that will allow this type of battery to hold 50% more energy in the future. This makes it an important innovation to accelerate the energy transition.

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IMPACT: Positive impact on business activity

Postivie impact

We want to boost the competitive strength of Dutch business, but what is the actual effect of innovating with TNO? An analysis confirms that the impact on companies’ results is significant.

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IMPACT: Delta Diagnostics

Delta Diagnostics

We are at an advanced stage with the development of a biosensor. This is a small device that can analyse a drop of blood to determine whether someone has been exposed to nerve gas, has an infectious disease or has suffered a heart attack. Delta Diagnostic is our spin-off that is currently bringing the sensor from the laboratory to the market.

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