SDG 8 | Decent work and economic growth

The promotion of inclusive, sustainable economic growth and decent work is at the core of SDG 8. On one hand, this requires technological innovations to increase economic productivity. On the other hand, good working conditions and safe working environments are important. Our research groups Work & Health and Sustainable Productivity work on solutions and knowledge to enable people to work as long and healthy, engaged and productive as possible.

IMPACT: House of Skills

House of Skills

The labor market is changing rapidly which results in mismatches between supply and demand. Together with partners, we developed House of Skills. This digital tool helps to move towards a flexible labor market with equal opportunities by focusing on skills instead of diplomas.

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IMPACT: Creating solutions to tackle Africa’s youth unemployment

Creating solutions to tackle Africa’s youth unemployment

We have been tackling unemployment in the Netherlands and made our first steps to apply our expertise in sub-Saharan Africa while forming new partnerships to increase employment opportunities for the region’s youths and women.

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IMPACT: Labor Monitoring Program – COVID-19 Impact

Labor Monitoring Program – COVID-19 Impact

The employment situation of the Dutch labor force is constantly changing. We investigate these changes and their consequences for the productivity, innovative strength and health of employees. During the COVID-19, we keep track of the short- and long term impact of the lockdown on the Dutch labor force.

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IMPACT: Position Paper ‘Exoskeletten voor fysiek zwaar werk’

Position Paper ‘Exoskeletten voor fysiek zwaar werk’

An exoskeleton is new technology that could reduce the physical strain employees experience in, for example, their arms or lower back. We published a position paper about exoskeletons to provide insights in the current state of the art.

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