SDG 9 | Industry, innovation and infrastructure

SDG 9 is about building resilient infrastructure, promoting sustainable industrialization and fostering innovation. Infrastructure – in terms of mobility, logistics and sharing knowledge - are fundamental for making progress in many of the other SDGs. Our Mobility and Logistics expertise group aims to improve the well-being of society and competitiveness of business by improving the safety, efficiency and sustainability of mobility and logistics. Another important pillar of this SDG is to modernize infrastructure and adapt industries to make them sustainable. Within our EnergyTransition unit, we have developed four routes towards a sustainable and circular industry.

IMPACT: 5G Network

5G Network

We launched one of the first 5G test networks in Europe. The advanced possibilities of this network enables us to support the innovation ambitions of the telecom industry and other markets.

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IMPACT: STEPWISE and FReSMe-projects

STEPWISE and FReSMe-projects

The STEPWISE and FReSMe-projects aim to demonstrate advanced CO2 removal technology in the iron- and steel industry, reducing the carbon footprint of steel production.

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The European project ORCA focuses on hybrid trucks that emit 40 percent less carbon dioxide and yet are not more expensive than conventional truck traffic.

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IMPACT: Smart Data Factory for Logistics

Smart Data Factory for Logistics

Together with a number of partners, we are developing the Smart Data Factory for logistics. This specifies how logistical information can be digitally exchanged and used worldwide in a uniform, safe and reliable manner.

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