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Workshop: A gentle introduction to online h4<k1n9

Department: Cyber Security and Robustness
Speaker:  Jacco van Buuren
Studies: EE, Inf, AI, Math

What could possibly go wrong with computers when you connect them to a network?

How much security is enough? To answer these questions one must not only know what security measures are applicable, but also know how computers can be abused. To address these issues, it is very useful to know about hacking in general, but even better is to actually submit computer systems to hacking attempts in order to pinpoint weaknesses. Understanding how a hacker may exploit vulnerabilities is essential. To offer our clients relevant knowledge to face/cope with these digital threats, a team of TNO researchers is doing research and exploring possible opportunities to guard against these risks.

This session is an introduction to the tools and methods used for examining software and configuration flaws, a.ka. hacking. After explaining a hacking-scenario in our lab, you will get the change to experiment using these tools.

workshop: Programmable 5G Networks

Department: Networks
Speaker: Jan Willem Klein Rouweler
Studies: Inf, EE

The TNO Networks department focusses on research and innovations in networking technology. In addition, we work on bringing this state-of-the-art network technology to the industry. Our activities revolve around the following topics: 5G mobile networks, Software Defined Networks, Network Function Virtualization, Software Defined Radio, Information Centric Networking, 5G Integrated Media, Mobile edge computing, and IoT.

In this session you will be introduced to some of these technologies. We will cover technological issues encountered by our customers, and show how we tackle those issues using our technology. We will take a hands-on approach, and let you explore how to setup a mobile network, deploy a video streaming service, and interact with the programmable switches that connect them. As such, you will get a taste of how it is like to be a researcher in the Networks department at TNO. We would like to invite you come to this session and connect with us!

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