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Traffic and Transport

Workshop: Automated vehicles or transportation on a network level

Department: Smart Urban Mobility and Safety
Speaker(s): Paco Hamers en Sri Ramakrishnan Ganesan
Studies: AE, AI,CE, Inf, Ec, Math, ME, PT

Do you look forward to translating your knowledge into practice to create a positive impact for the society? That is what we do at the department Sustainable Urban Mobility & Safety (SUMS) at TNO. At SUMS, we research and innovate every day to solve the challenges in personal mobility covering aspects from data modelling and simulation to analyzing the impact of new mobility concepts on travel and the city such as Hyperloop, MaaS, Avatars, Automated Driving to name a few and create transition pathways for such disruptive innovations in mobility. We use and also develop state-of-the-art techniques that allow us to monitor and simulate impacts in cities in real-time and create urban strategies.   

Our work helps the governments, policy makers and businesses to take informed decisions on policies and investments in the mobility domain thus making the cities and rural areas livable and accessible.  

At Get to Know TNO, a workshop will be organized that challenges your problem solving and out-of-the-box thinking skills on the topics that we at SUMS are currently working on. Only limited spots are available for the workshop so sign up soon!  

Do you have some new ideas? Enthusiastic to innovate, learn and contribute to the society? Feel free to have a chat with us at the event. We look forward to meeting you.

Workshop: Do it yourself: Autonomous Driving Workshop

Department: Integrated Vehicle Safety, + Powertrains
Speaker(s): Jorrit Goos en Robinson Medina Sanchez
Studies: AI, Inf, EE, Math, ME, Ph

The increasing number of vehicles worldwide and greenhouse gas emissions, pose big challenges in how we further envision and develop vehicles. More efficient designs, new power train technologies, multi-level energy optimization, increased vehicle autonomy and cooperative driving will improve our traffic quality, reduce CO2 emissions and provide a safe, comfortable ride for the passengers. Come see the playground for our state of the art test facilities.

In this workshop session, we will give you a short presentation about the departments Integrated Vehicle Safety and Powertrains of TNO Automotive. You will get a flavor of what kind of projects and activities are done, and what our vision is in the field of Automotive. We will show a small side project, which is done by current interns besides their own assignment. This side project is turning a radio controlled (RC) car in an automated vehicle by hacking the original control system and implementing our own control. Now, the actual workshop begins and you can Do It Yourself! We have prepared the RC cars with the required sensors, actuators and an Arduino platform. You will get the change to turn a RC car into your own automated vehicle by developing a vehicle controller.

Program Get to know 2019

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