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Artificial Intelligence

'AI Technology and Applications'

icon Defence, Safety & Security

‘We’re putting our knowledge and technology to work for safety and security’

icon Energy Transition

'Accelerating the Energy Transition'

icon Industry

‘Innovating for employment, prosperity and well-being’

icon Buildings, Infrastructure & Maritime

'Robust constructions, sustainable use'

icon Circular Economy & Environment

'Directing and accelerating sustainability'

icon Healthy Living

‘Promoting healthy working and living’

icon Traffic & Transport

'Making livable and sustainable cities a reality'

icon Information & Communication Technology

'Charting and accelerating the digital transformation'

icon Strategic Analysis & Policy

'Turning complex issues into sustainable innovations'

Tech Transfer

Highlights: news and insights


TNO Symposium 40 years of solar energy

17 May 2022

On Thursday 12 May 2022, the solar community gathered in Petten for the symposium 40 years of Solar... Read more


Self-learning adaptive systems accelerate the industrial development process

9 May 2022
Whether concerning the effectiveness of batteries in electric vehicles or the reliability of high-speed... Read more

TNO and partners to work together to boost the efficiency of renewable hydrogen production

26 April 2022

TNO is to collaborate with three partners to develop a new generation of electrolyzers. Together with... Read more

How 5G network slicing will make our traffic cleaner, more efficient and safer

25 April 2022
5G will contribute to more efficient, cleaner and safer mobility, but only if we can use 5G’s full potential... Read more

How CCU can shape the carbon transition

25 April 2022

Carbon capture and utilisation, or CCU, is a technology that involves capturing CO2 emitted from (industrial)... Read more


TNO winner Randstad award most attractive non-profit employer Netherlands 2022

21 April 2022

On April 21 it was announced that TNO again received the Randstad Award for most attractive non-profit... Read more


TU Delft and TNO prepare industry for scale-up phase of clean factory

8 April 2022

Oil and gas shortages are not only pushing up the prices of gas and petrol, but also plastics, medicines... Read more

future view

Wind turbine with 145-metre blades: reduced costs and greater efficiency

4 April 2022
Wind turbines with 145-metre-long blades? This is how we make testing and certification possible. Read more



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