Let's prevent or revert lifestyle-related diseases

Health and lifestyle

Public health is declining due to the increase in chronic lifestyle-related diseases. These diseases can be prevented and even reversed. However, this requires a sustainable behaviour change to be successful.

Within the Personalised Health research programme, TNO has developed new knowledge, innovative methodologies and tools to provide personalised health advice. The measurement of so-called phenotypic flexibility (challenge tests) was pioneered by TNO and still constitutes the starting point for personalised health advice. But it’s not just biology that matters. Psychology, behaviour and social context are also taken into account in order to develop the best tools and interventions for the individual. TNO’s vision on public health improvement is that a systems approach is needed, from measuring health to supporting healthy behaviour.

Putting personalised health into practice

Together with various partners, we are committed to translating our acquired knowledge into applications and to putting personalised health into practice. We help partners and companies with:

  • Sense: Selecting the right (objective) and science-based measurements by assessing a person’s health status from a 360 degrees perspective;
  • Reason: Making use of a science-based model that translates data from a person’s situation into the optimal personalised lifestyle intervention and;
  • Act: Based on a person’s personality, behaviour, preferences and circumstances determine the right lifestyle support for a sustainable behaviour change to maintain health and prevent or revert lifestyle-related diseases.

If you want to learn how, rewatch our interactive webinar for the latest scientific insights in personalised health and get inspired by the experience of companies that already innovate with us.

Paper Personalised Health

Do you want to put personalised health into practice and learn how other organisations succeeded?

Suzan Wopereis

“Personalised health and lifestyle interventions taking into account your own biology, phenotypic flexibility, personality and preferences is there to stay! As applied research organisation, we help other parties how to bring these personalised health innovations, scientific understanding and consumer engagement into applications and products that help create a healthy society.”

Suzan Wopereis

Principal Scientist, TNO


Together with LUMC, we launched the Dutch Innovation Centre for Lifestyle Medicine (Lifestyle4Health) on 3 July 2018. Lifestyle4Health is an open, national platform which connects, coordinates and increases impact. The platform's mission is to halve the burden of lifestyle-related diseases in the next ten years. To utilise the potential of lifestyle medicine, a transformation is needed. A transformation from 'care for illness' to self-care and taking control of one's own health. The starting point of lifestyle medicine is an environment which helps the patient to take and maintain control of their own health. 365 days a year.

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3 June 2024
TNO, in collaboration with Academic Medical Centres of Amsterdam, Leiden, and Copenhagen, has discovered a new set of biomarkers* that can be measured in the blood and can determine the degree of fibrosis – the formation of scar tissue in the liver.

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