You look at the world around you and it’s clear as day – this is the time for applied research. Technological developments are accelerating, providing tremendous opportunities for the Netherlands to take a huge leap forward. Naturally, you want to set your mark on our time. You want nothing more than to explore and discover, measure and understand, test and confirm. To contribute to making the world a more sustainable, healthier, and safer place.

Our innovative power to generate practical solutions and applications is unique in the Netherlands. We not only drive technological developments, but also apply them in ways that benefit us all. Our mission, after all, is to increase Dutch wellbeing and strengthen our businesses’ commercial competitiveness. At TNO, you’re given the freedom to innovate, to connect with experts inside and outside TNO, to learn from each other, and to raise the bar together.


As a Researcher, you’ll conduct research for our body of clients, which comprises public authorities, knowledge institutions, and private-sector companies. You’ll take responsibility for the quality of the research and steer the direction of research when necessary. You’ll present the research results at conferences and publish them in academic journals.

Project Manager

As a Project Manager, you’ll organise and plan research, monitor its progress and budget, and take responsibility for its results. You’ll also map the frameworks and interests of its different stakeholders, identify the need(s) behind research questions, and coach often diverse and multidisciplinary teams of researchers and experts.

Business Developer

In the role of Business Developer, you’ll initiate collaborations with (international) parties that want to innovate their products and/or processes. Your goal? Acquiring new research projects or connecting organisations with ongoing research projects.

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