Discover the Talent development programme

As a starter at TNO, you’re given plenty of room to push boundaries, take steps in your professional development, and to expand your knowledge and skills. To facilitate this, we’ve set up the Talent Development Programme. This programme gives you the autonomy to shape your own learning path. It also introduces you to TNO – because we know that as a starter, there can be quite a lot on your mind. The programme starts automatically after joining TNO and lasts for two years.

The Talent Development Programme is an important part of your first position at TNO. It ensures you land well within the organisation and have a base from which to develop further. But what exactly can you expect?

The Talent Development Programme focuses on your development wishes and ambitions. We invite you to take the lead, after which we can tailor the programme accordingly. In this way, we’re able to provide a customised service and offer you exactly what you need. Through the programme, you’re given the opportunity to attend training courses and spar with your manager about the competences you want to strengthen. Of course, most of your learning will be on the job.

On top of this, the programme facilitates a broad network of starting colleagues to exchange experiences with. Consider Hello@TNO, for example, where you can meet all TNO’s new people, and Young TNO.