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Gexcon and TNO to join forces in safety software market

17 December 2018
TNO has entered into an agreement with Norway’s Gexcon AS to create a joint venture to exclusively market TNO’s Safety Software, comprising the software packages EFFECTS and RISKCURVES. The joint venture,... Read more

Real-World Scenario based validation helps to realize safe automated driving

10 December 2018
One of the biggest hurdles for the launch of self-driving-vehicles (and advanced driver assist systems) is validation to ensure that the system does not cause any failures or undesired side-effects. Traditional... Read more

Companies and researchers publish roadmap together with TNO for implementing a national AI strategy

03 December 2018
The public-private partnership AINED, of which TNO is a part, published a document on 6 November 2018 to help the Netherlands achieve success in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) and to pave the... Read more

Missions as a solution to societal challenges

27 November 2018
Europe faces complex and unremitting challenges. Climate change, cyber security and an ageing population require an innovative and radical approach with broad social support. With a focus on mission-driven... Read more
17 - 20September

Resilient Ship Design Course 2019

Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Although warships have several layers of defence, history has shown a multitude of incidents where these have all failed resulting in battle damage of the ship. Much can be done in the design of the ship... Read more


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