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Vaccination against atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease

22 June 2017
A vaccine to immunise people against high levels of cholesterol and the narrowing of the arteries caused by build-up of fatty material (atherosclerosis) may be possible following successful results in... Read more

TNO’s printed-droplet drying technology prevents overdosing and underdosing medication

22 June 2017
A more controlled release of drugs’ active substances to prevent overdosing and underdosing. TNO’s printed-droplet drying technology makes it possible. A study will commence in mid-2017, in which experts... Read more

TNO and PTV start cooperation on Urban Strategy and VISUM

20 June 2017
PTV Group and TNO start to cooperate to help cities with combined mobility planning, urban planning and the environmental quality. By creating the joint solution with VISUM and Urban Strategy we create... Read more

TNO develops a Circular Economy approach for Chinese port authority

08 June 2017
How can you enable industrial growth in a rapidly developing Chinese port and encourage the input of one industry to make use of the residual streams of another? Together with the Guangdong Association... Read more

The future perspective of energy storage and conversion

Madurodam, The Hague - The Netherlands
The Oil & Gas Reinvented Community of which TNO besides Shell and Siemens is the founding father organizes an event on 29th of June 2017. During this event we will be exploring the Future Perspective... Read more

TNO Econometrics and Mathematics Inhouse Day

TNO | Location The Hague - New Babylon
Are you a MSc or PhD student in the field of Econometrics or Mathematics? Do you want to do ground-breaking work in your field of expertise and help companies and government institutions with innovative... Read more
21 - 25August

TRADR Summer School on Human-Robot Teaming

TNO Utrecht, The Netherlands
The TRADR summer school on Human-Robot Teaming consists of a five-day course providing participants a full overview and hands-on experience related to Human-Robot Teaming. TNO is co-organiser of this event.... Read more
13 - 15September

Innovation Mission on Industrial Electrification and Power-2-X

Germany, NorthRhine-Westphalia
A three-day innovation mission will be organised which fits in the trilateral strategy to strengthen the chemical industry in the Netherlands, Flanders and North Rhine-Westphalia. The aim is to bring people... Read more

Understanding the Dynamics of Conflict

Cancun, Mexico
Today’s world instability calls for timely detection of critical transitions that can lead to conflict. At the Conference on Complex Systems (CCS’17), Ana Isabel Barros from TNO and the UvA-Institute... Read more

Meet TNO at the PHD-Day

Oosterpoort, Groningen - The Netherlands
Are you a PhD-student and interested in how ICT, the internet of things and big data change the way we interact with the world? Join our workshop and speed-date sessions. Read more

Small Big Data Congress 2017

Den Bosch
On the 5th of October 2017, TNO, in collaboration with the Big Data Value Center, organizes the fourth Small Big Data Congress! This congress aims at providing an overview of practical and innovative applications... Read more

Save the date! Get to know TNO!

Stieltjesweg, Delft
On Friday October 13th 2017 TNO will be opening the doors of our location at the Stieltjesweg in Delft. Read more

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