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New insights on offshore energy transition combining offshore wind and gas

06 February 2019
The second phase of North Sea Energy program reports on the role of offshore platform electrification for cleaner production of natural gas as a stepping stone for offshore power-to-hydrogen and CO2 storage.... Read more

TNO will scale up innovations in developing countries

23 January 2019
Through Innovation for Development, TNO will enhance business opportunities and employability for local and Dutch companies in developing countries. This in turn will increase the effects of the Sustainable... Read more

New Dutch Offshore Wind Atlas delivers the most accurate North Sea wind information for offshore wind energy

17 January 2019
The ECN part of TNO, KNMI and Whiffle consortium will today release the new and improved Dutch Offshore Wind Atlas. It includes an unprecedented level of detail where the wind is mapped up-to 600m in height... Read more

Itility and TNO join forces to accelerate development of TNO's StreetWise framework for validation of self-driving vehicles

17 January 2019
Verification and validation of complex automated driving functions is a difficult task. Especially showing that they work properly in all possible situations and under all conditions, poses new challenges... Read more

Meet TNO at De Delftse Bedrijvendagen

Delft | TU Delft
De Delftse Bedrijvendagen consists of an annual trajectory of four events. Students learn how to apply at the Application Trainings and then get in contact with all the companies at the Presentation Days. ... Read more

Lectures about secure multi-party computation (MPC)

The analysis of data from different sources is becoming increasingly important. At the same time relevant data is often too sensitive to be casually shared with others. How to analyse shared sensitive... Read more

Meet TNO at the Career Expo TU Eindhoven

Eindhoven | Auditorium TU Eindhoven
The Career Expo is a two day event during which over 150 companies present themselves, and get acquainted with all the students of Eindhoven University of Technology. Read more

TNO Semicon Innovation Day

Delft | Science Centre, Mijnbouwstraat 120
This conference will bring together technology leaders from the major industry players and research institutes to discuss challenges, status of solutions, needed innovations and the ways forward for semicon... Read more
17 - 20September

Resilient Ship Design Course 2019

Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Although warships have several layers of defence, history has shown a multitude of incidents where these have all failed resulting in battle damage of the ship. Much can be done in the design of the ship... Read more
4 - 5November

Course on the Essentials of Pulsation and Vibration Control (PVC) in Process Installations

TNO location at the University campus of Delft, The Netherlands
Learn the essentials of pulsation and vibration control in process installations in only two days, from TNO specialists in Fluid Structure Interaction applied to the process industry. The course consists... Read more


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