Innovation and the rise of solar energy

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To achieve climate objectives, we must (and are able to) harvest much more energy from the sun than we currently do.

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'AI Technology and Applications'

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‘We’re putting our knowledge and technology to work for safety and security’

icon Energy Transition

'Accelerating the Energy Transition'

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‘Innovating for employment, prosperity and well-being’

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'Robust constructions, sustainable use'

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'Directing and accelerating sustainability'

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‘Promoting healthy working and living’

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'Making livable and sustainable cities a reality'

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'Charting and accelerating the digital transformation'

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'Turning complex issues into sustainable innovations'

Tech Transfer

Highlights: news and insights

future view

Advanced data linking without breaching privacy

8 April 2021
How to link distributed data without breaching privacy. Read more

Airbus and TNO to develop aircraft laser communication terminal

8 April 2021

Airbus and the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) have launched a programme... Read more


Working together on the development of privacy-friendly data analysis technologies

30 March 2021
The sharing and analysis of data is essential to achieving economic growth and solving societal challenges.... Read more

Appointment of Baptiest Coopmans as member of the Supervisory Board of TNO

30 March 2021
The Council of Ministers has approved the nomination of ir. J.B.P. (Baptiest) Coopmans as member of the... Read more

Cost reduction of transport systems for geothermal district heat

29 March 2021
The emerging geothermal district heat sector has great potential to contribute to the energy transition... Read more

Semiconductor qubits scale in two dimensions

25 March 2021

The heart of any computer, its central processing unit, is built using semiconductor technology, which... Read more


NWA route Circular Economy (CE) coordinates three new case studies for sustainable circular impact

18 March 2021

A collaboration of TNO, LEI, RU, TUD, M2i and other partners will, through three case studies, take... Read more


TNO launches LICARA Innovation Scan

17 March 2021

TNO developed the LICARA Innovation Scan. The LICARA Nano Scan was originally developed in the EU... Read more



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