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GAIA creates amazing 1.7 billion stars 3D map

26 April 2018
GAIA second data release has arrived and the results are quite impressive. GAIA was launched by ESA on 19 December 2013, sent to space to map the Milky Way in 3D, while collecting data on the composition... Read more

The Netherlands builds support structure for the world’s largest telescope

19 April 2018
VDL ETG Projects, part of VDL Groep, will build the support structure for the main mirror of the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) of ESO (European Southern Observatory) in northern Chile. The design was... Read more

5G and net neutrality, a TNO study

13 April 2018
TNO has made an independent study into 5G and net neutrality to provide a factual underpinning for the policy debate on this topic. The main outcome of the study is an analytical framework that helps to... Read more

BASF Joins TNO and WUR Consortium to Collaborate on Personalized Nutrition

27 March 2018
BASF is the latest member to join the Personalized Nutrition & Health consortium founded by TNO and Wageningen University & Research. The consortium researches the capabilities needed to enable... Read more

BCF Career Event

Utrecht | Beatrixgebouw, Jaarbeurs
On 24 May, TNO will give a company presentation (Sessiezaal 217) at the BCF Career Event. Read more

TNO Automotive Inhouse Day

TNO - Automotive Campus 30, Helmond
Are you a Master or PhD student in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics, Systems & Control, Automotive or Artificial Intelligence, and are you... Read more

Maritime Match Day (MMD)

Delft | Aula TU Delft
TNO will participate in the seventh edition of the Maritime Match Day on the 5th of June. Read more
6 - 7September

International Workshop On Teamworking (IWOT)

Leiden | Stadsgehoorzaal
The 22nd International Workshop On Teamworking (IWOT) will be held in Leiden, Netherlands, on Thursday 6 and Friday 7 September 2018. The workshop is organised by TNO Innovation for Life. IWOT has established... Read more

Save the date: Get to know TNO!

Stieltjesweg, Delft
On Friday October 12th 2018 TNO will be opening the doors of our location at the Stieltjesweg in Delft. Read more
5 - 6November

Course on the Essentials of Pulsation and Vibration Control (PVC) in Process Installations

TNO location at the University campus of Delft, The Netherlands
TNO's PVC course is renewed! In a two-day course, you will be introduced to the essentials of pulsation and vibration control in process installations, with plenary introduction lectures and parallel... Read more

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