Opening TNO-facility Hybrid Energy System Integration (HESI)

The EnTranCe terrain in Groningen, The Netherlands • 31 Jan 2017

On 31 January 2017 the TNO facility for Hybrid Energy System Integration (HESI) will be officially opened and the TNO Executive Board talks pleasure in inviting you to attend this event at the EnTranCe site in Groningen. So please reserve 31 January in your agenda.

Programme, innovations and demonstrations

The opening ceremony will give you the opportunity to find out about the possibilities offered by the HESI facility and the links that TNO is seeking to make with other (international) research locations. In the facility we will be targeting system integration issues that play a key role in accelerating the energy transition. We will be investigating the transition of the electricity, heating and gas system in terms of how they relate to each other. System integration projects often involve the collaboration of several parties. The programme will comprise, among other things, the presentation of TNO’s Energy strategy, the collaboration between TNO and the American National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), the opening itself, a guided tour of inspiring demonstrations and networking drinks to bring to afternoon to a festive close.


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