The European Industry & Energy Summit

08 Dec 2020

The European process industry and energy sector are partly responsible for causing climate change. But, on the other hand, they can also make a major contribution to providing solutions. At the European Industry and Energy Summit TNO and partners strive to foster ideas, technology, plans & projects to address this challenge by bringing together all relevant parties and expertise from around Europe.

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Besides Diederik Samsom (head of cabinet for First Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans), André Faaij (Director of Science Energy Transition at TNO) takes part in a plenary talk show on 8 December about the European Union's energy plans.

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Program and TNO sessions during the EIES2020 

13.00 – 13.45 Industry: the key to energy systems integration

An interactive session with Frank Wiersma (Tennet) and Systems Integration expert Faruk Dervis (TNO).

Electrification, both direct and via hydrogen, is a fundamental element of industrial decarbonisation. Integrating renewable energy into the energy system is challenging and requires large investments in infrastructure, electrification and conversion/storage assets. How do we ensure that industry, grid operators and energy companies arrive at a synchronized, robust investment agenda? How can industry and network companies accelerate the energy transition together?

13.50 – 14.35Unlocking the potential of the North Sea for the energy transition

Interactive session with director Gas technology Rene Peters (TNO)

Based on their research work, North Sea Energy (NSE), a public-private partnership between more than 30 parties, advocates an integrated approach of the offshore energy system. Cleverly combining infrastructures of offshore wind, natural gas, hydrogen and CCS in the North Sea, will drastically reduce CO2 emissions, lower societal costs and acceleration of the transition. Inspired by this vision, industry projects and research are currently in development which will be discussed in this session.

14.40 - 15.25 Decarbonising the industry with capture and utilisation

Interactive session with CCUS experts Brigitte Jacobs, Juliana Monteiro, Jan-Willem Könemann and Soledad van Eijk (TNO)

The industry faces a major challenge: to drastically reduce CO₂ emissions. Sectors such as steel, cement, waste processing, refining and petrochemicals are still producing large amounts of CO₂. TNO has been active for more than twenty years in national and international programs aimed at the capture, and beneficial use of CO₂. It has been demonstrated on an industrial scale at various companies that CO₂ emissions can be reduced by capture and that the challenges lie in reducing the costs of this.

15.30 – 16.15 Virtual Lab Tour “Heat and Efficiency”

Interactive session with TNO Heat and Efficiency experts Anton Wemmers, Yvonne van Delft, Soledad van Eijk and Brigitte Jacobs.

Heat pump technologies can fulfill in realising signi­ficant reductions in CO2 emissions arising from industrial process heating. Industrial heat pumps are a highly energy efficient, crosscutting technology to provide process heat. Driven by electric power, heat pumps are a key electri­fication technology which are able to replace a large share of fossil fuelled industrial process heating. Our experts give you a look behind the scenes through a virtual tour through the TNO ‘Heat and Efficiency lab’

16.45 Plenary talk show Eemshaven – Next Steps in Hydrogen

Talk show with Hydrogen expert TNO Lennart van der Burg and Groningen Seaport

Production from water via electrolysis with sustainable electricity from sun and wind is a CO2-free alternative. But for the production of green hydrogen, there are still technological barriers to be overcome, such as upscaling electrolysis in the industry. TNO is working on green hydrogen innovations for production, transport, storage and use as a fuel and raw material that increase the opportunities for high-tech manufacturing industry electrolysis and to speed up large scale electrolysis in Europe.

Moderator TNO sessions

Joost Hoebink

Joost Hoebink (1984) has actually been a presenter for as long as he can talk. After working as a reporter for NPO Radio 1, he was captivated by the power of live events. He now has more than 1,500 meetings at home and abroad to his name, during which he gave thousands of professionals the stage in interviews and debates.


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