EUMW 2020: How to drive the future of microwave technology?

10 Jan 2021 - 15 Jan 2021

TNO possesses exceptional knowledge in the field of radar technology and is among the best in the world with a focus on Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radars. That’s why we are part of the 23rd European Microwave Week (EUMW 2020). Together with our clients and partners we provide access to the very latest products, research and initiatives in the microwave sector. At EUMW 2020 we promote the (on-line) dialogue that drives the future of microwave technology.

TNO’s Radar Technology department develops radar knowledge at all levels: from complete system concepts and architectures to integrated microwave circuits, and from antennas and real-time digital processing to signal processing algorithms. Our knowledge position is built and maintained through intensive and long-term cooperation with government ministries, universities, knowledge institutes and industrial parties, at home and abroad.  

System Concepts and Architectures

Together with industry partners, we design new system concepts for radar-, AESA- and Digital Beam Forming systems. We do this for the Navy and SME’s in need of a radar sensor. Also, we design and build hardware for synthetic aperture radar systems and new processing that fits SWaP requirements for tactical UAVs.

Integrated Circuits and Antennas

TNO has a strong track record in array antenna and IC design. Over time, waveguide arrays using ferrite phase shifters have transformed to AESAs for satcom, 5G and world class military radars systems. Each of these applications has its own requirements with respect to volume, power, integration technology and supply chain. At TNO we know how to perform innovative research together with our industry partners, other EU research institutes and universities to arrive at the best solutions for future systems.

A strong cooperation with the Dutch Navy and industry lays at the base of many ICs that are designed for naval phased-array systems. These are currently operational and in development for future platforms. A.o. S- and X-band core chips, record high output power HPAs and integrated TRmodule solutions. Our 30 years of experience has resulted in many designs for (satellite) communication phased-array systems and fuzes.

With our specific expertise in EM modelling, simulation and measurement capabilities, we can offer complete (AESA) antenna systems, dielectric lenses, Frequency Selective Surfaces and Wide Angle Impedance Matching. This involves projects for the European Space Agency and governmental institutes but it also includes consultancy for B2B (industries and SMEs) and product demonstrators for 5G antenna-in-package.

Antenna array design for mmWave 5G basestations

Signal Processing Algorithms

Modern day radars rely as much on algorithms and signal processing as on hardware specifications to achieve the required performance. We work on new signal processing techniques based on compressive sensing and deep learning as well as dedicated waveform design to stay at the fore front of the radar developments.

Meet and chat with us at EUMW 2020

The EUMW 2020 virtual event will take place 10 - 15 January 2021. Attendees can join various conference sessions and visit the virtual exhibition. Our TNO booth with chat function is open from 12 to 14 January 2021.

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