Online talk show on NWE as electrified supercluster

Online • 31 Mar 2021

VoltaChem, the Shared Innovation Program initiated by TNO, government, and industry, is organizing an online talk show to be held on Wednesday March 31st from 11.00 – 12.30 CET: Viable value chains: The Northwest European industry region as electrified supercluster.

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This is the first of four interactive online talk shows that will provide a deep dive into key developments in industrial electrification. In this edition, table guests Ruud Melieste (Port of Rotterdam), Yolande Verbeek (Uniper), Frank Kuijpers (Sabic), and Reinier Grimbergen (VoltaChem/TNO) will shed their light on integration of renewable energy and feedstock and share their vision on where the industry will be heading on the road to 2050. They will discuss the key question: ‘What is going to be produced where, with what, and how?’ with a focus on the ARRRA cluster: the Antwerp-Rotterdam-Rhine-Ruhr Area.

To kickstart and enrich the table discussion further, experts from Dechema, IHS Markit, IRENA, and Lux Research contribute with online pitches on industry data, strategies, scenarios, and insights on disrupting technologies. Needless to say, our online audience is invited to join the discussion as well, with questions, polls, and much more. After the show, there will be an opportunity for online follow-up discussion with our table guests.

The show will be broadcast live from Rotterdam and hosted by Jerre Maas. It is organized in collaboration with SmartPort.

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