Online talk show on opportunities in CO2 utilisation

30 Jun 2021

VoltaChem, the Shared Innovation Program initiated by TNO, government, and industry, is organising an online talk show to be held on Wednesday June 30th from 11.00 – 12.30 CEST. The talk show is titled: 'Opportunities in electrochemical CO2 utilization: From high-value products to high-volume impact'.  

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This is the second of four interactive online talk shows that will provide a deep dive into key developments in industrial electrification. In this edition, the focus will be on CO2 conversion technologies that provide opportunities for making the chemical industry truly sustainable.

Taking place at the talk show table are dr. Moritz Schreiber (Total Energies), dr. Erica Ording (Avantium), and dr. Anca Anastasopol (VoltaChem/TNO), together with host Jerre Maas and co-host Martijn de Graaff (VoltaChem/TNO). They will also talk about topics like the business case, the potential for integration in industry, the impact in the short- and long term, and more. 

Adding to the table discussion online will be Professor David Sinton (University of Toronto), who will give a presentation on electrocatalytic conversion of CO2 to ethylene. Next to that, dr. Wouter van Winden (DSM) and Karl Hauptmeier (Norsk e-Fuel) will contribute with video pitches on their experience with CO2 utilisation in industrial practice.

Needless to say, the online audience is invited to join the discussion as well, via questions, polls, and much more. 

The talk show will be broadcast live from Total Research & Technology in Feluy, Belgium.


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