Webinar: Innovations in solar energy technologies

29 Apr 2021

Enabling high-value applications at lower cost

Solar energy is affordable and reliable due to innovations and economy of scale, and through standardization. Over the last 20 years the conversion efficiency has been doubled while the cost has been reduced by a factor of about 20.

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However, there is still much more to be gained by further technology development on the following aspects:

  • Higher power density and energy yield (more energy per m2) at lower cost
  • Improved spatial and environmental integration: attractive, barely visible, eco-positive photovoltaics
  • Sustainability: end-of-life strategies, application of earth abandon materials


  • Arthur Weeber, Program Manager PV Technologies at TNO, will give a brief overview on commercially available solar modules which can be seen as introduction to the program.
  • Agnes Mewe, Program Manager Silicon solar cells at TNO, will discuss improvements in performance and customization possible with crystalline silicon solar cells and modules.
  • Sjoerd Veenstra, Program Manager Perovskite solar cells at TNO, will elaborate about the unique properties and application options for solar energy foils.
  • Gianluca Coletti, Program Manager PV Tandem technology at TNO, will explain the principle of stacked solar cells to surpass the current limits in conversion efficiency, and their scalability for industrial deployment.

Do you envision it?

Watch the webinar and discover more about innovations in PV technologies.

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Prof. Dr. Arthur Weeber

  • PV Technologies