Webinar Organ-crosstalk and Biomarker Discovery in NASH/Fibrosis

Online • 02 Mar 2021

Together with GlobalEngage, TNO organizes a webinar to be held on Tuesday the 2nd of March from 15:00-17:00pm CET: Organ-crosstalk and Biomarker Discovery in NASH/Fibrosis using translational preclinical models.

In this webinar TNO’s translational mouse models for preclinical research of NAFLD will be discussed. The translational characteristics of the models will be explained using different approaches to translate mechanisms to human situations. The contribution of other organs to NAFLD/NASH will be addressed with particular emphasis on dysfunctional adipose tissue and gut permeability.

An overview of different compound classes employed in aforementioned models will be provided and rationales for combination therapies discussed. It will be shown that TNO’s preclinical models are also suitable to assess atherosclerosis as secondary endpoint, which is of translational relevance because CVD is a major cause of death in NAFLD patients. Finally, it will be demonstrated that TNO’s translational models allow identification of new biomarkers that inform on onset and progression of liver fibrosis and reflect fibrosis staging in human cohorts.

The panel discussion focuses on the differences between human physiology and preclinical models and how this determines the choice of an appropriate model. The role of metabolic homeostasis, inflammation and organ cross talk within NAFLD/NASH will be discussed and how this could affect intervention strategies. Finally we will debate which end point parameters improve assessment of pathology and the role of biomarker signatures therein.

Event Structure

Introduction (5 min)
TNO presentation - Kanita Salic, Arianne van Koppen (35 min)
Q&A (15 min)
Panel discussion (65 min)

Moderator: Professor Sven Francque - Antwerp University Hospital

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